Coverage and preservations

No rust for your machinery

Heat shrink wrapping

Heat shrink wrapping is a good solution when the items to cover are oddly shaped and packed on a basement or on saddles instead of a crate/cage.
The result of this covering is a tight wrap which conforms perfectly to the shape of the item so that it can be properly sealed for shipping. We usually put a tear-proof net on the wrap in order to avoid any possible wind-related damages during the transport. We normally use heat shrink film with a thickness of 250 my; if requested, we can also use other thicknesses.

Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor

The Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor plus activators ensure that the goods inside the packed cases remain free from rust factors.

Vacuum barrier bag

Vacuum barrier bag is a 4 layers aluminum cover bag, mostly used for items to be packed inside wooden crates or cages.
We cover the item and aspire the air from inside the bag before welding it.
The adding of dessicant salts absorbs the moisture that creates spontaneously inside the bag, in order to keep the inside atmosphere the driest possible.